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Chrissy Teigen dares to be a human AND parent!

Something I don't talk about too often on here is being a mother, but this morning I read an article about Chrissy Teigen and John Legend going out for dinner one week after their child was born. A number of people were trying to "call them out" on it for being bad parents or neglectful coz they dared to go out for dinner.

That's the thing that shits me,, Apparently all of our interests, priorities and personality traits are supposed to disappear once we procreate. How dare you enjoy some leisure time when now, your only identity is now that of parent!?

Why are we supposed to forget everything we loved beforehand? Or prioritise only our children over our own needs? Of course, in those first few months, we have a huge responsibility to protect and care for those tiny bundles of vulnerability, however, why is one then open to criticism when you need a break? So many people advocate for the recognition of SAHM's and home duties as legitimate work and to value their contribution to the family unit and society, however, we are also to accept that this job comes with no down time whatsoever? We are to be switched on, engaged and responsible 24/7? We cannot break away, just for a couple of hours, to recoup and reset in order to continue? That if we do, this is a legitimate ground for condemnation??

I have felt it myself, when I have admitted to struggling with parenting.. I can't even begin to imagine how that must be amplified for celebrities who can't do anything low-key. Who are held to a much higher level of responsibility because we have deemed them as "role models" or told them they must "set the right example" despite them having no choice in the matter?

And let's be real for a second, if you aren't a parent, I'm sorry but you legitimately cannot comment on how that pressure feels. How suffocating the overwhelming sense of responsibility is, or can be, in those first few weeks. How blurry everything is. How everything is in fast forward and slow motion at the same time. How you are trying to keep another fucking human being alive, while also caring for yourself and the others in your family. No one can understand that emotional and physical fatigue until you have been there and absolutely NO ONE can dictate to you how you deal with it..

And if that means finding someone responsible to watch your baby so you can go out and eat seared scallops and leek.. Then fucking do it.. And don't you dare feel guilty for doing things your way. And especially don't let ANYONE tell you that you are a bad parent or you don't love your children because sometimes, a little bit of space is the best thing for any relationship.

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