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Rory Banwell is a freelance film maker, director, producer and journalist.

She specialises in factual production but takes pride in being a "gun for hire" and is able to work in any department due to her vast film knowledge and experience.

All content here is produced and directed by Rory Banwell.

Full credits available upon request.




'Mix It Up' is a hybrid, feature length documentary that follows a theatre group made up of young adults on the way to their first big performance. The catch? They all happen to live with a disability.


Performing on the stage at the Jetty Memorial Theatre (JMT) is a rite of passage for any actor growing up in Coffs Harbour, and Mix It Up have their shot at the annual JMT Open Day. They know that this is their chance to show the local theatre community what they can do, despite any perceived struggles.


'Mix It Up' has a colourful cast of characters and shows the ups and downs of the rehearsal period for any performance in front of a large audience. From Shakespeare to Grease, this group can do it all!


Currently in: Post Production Seeking: Post Producer, Post-Production Funding, Distribution



“Defrosting Oz” is a multi-platform, presenter-led, narrative-driven, ethical, true crime series that interrogates Australia's coldest cases, and long term missing people. It is published across all available social media platforms, and as an audio podcast.


What happens after someone disappears or dies without explanation? Whose responsibility is to keep the search going? Where does the strength of the families come from as they carry on? How do you deal with ambiguous loss?

These are the topics that”Defrosting Oz” investigates with the hope of the right person hearing the stories, and coming forward to police with a new lead that could change the course of the case.


Currently in: Production Seeking: Executive Producer, Funding



'The Death and Dives of Sheck Exley' explores the life of Exley before he died during a record deep dive in 1994, and how he fondly became known as the grandfather of modern cave diving.

The veritae style documentary explores the history of cave diving, following the linear history from its beginnings, through Sheck's life, and where it stands today, using his revolutionary techniques.

Modern legends such as Ed Sorensen, Richard Stantion, and Australian Richard Harris let the audience into a world that few are lucky enough to get a glimpse of and show that there isn't that much to be scared of...

Unless you're claustrophobic.

Currently in: Development Seeking: Executive Producer, Funding



'Consent' is a hybrid (feature or series) documentary that builds off the virality of Rory Banwell's internationally acclaimed photography project 'Still Not Asking For It' (SNAFI), shining a spotlight on the prevalence of rape culture and sexual violence.


The film utilises the lens of photography to explore international issues of sexual and domestic violence, whilst navigating Rory's previously undisclosed experiences with sexual assault and domestic violence.


SNAFI has an established audience of over 30,000 followers across social media and has reached over 12 million unique clicks, proving that it can overcome the difficult hurdle of bringing confronting conversations and content to the masses.

Currently in: Production Seeking: Executive Producer, Funding, Distribution


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